Dustball International Tournament

 July 17-20, 2003

At Takhini Softball Complex and Robert Service Ball Parks, in Whitehorse

Men’s A

Team Name


Œ First Place Imperial Saloon Juneau Alaska
 Second Place Stereo North Sitka Alaska
Ž Third Place Young Guns Whitehorse Yukon

Men’s B

ΠFirst Place AFT/GCI Juneau Alaska
 Second Place Crusaders Juneau Alaska
Ž Third Place Sitka Islanders Sitka Alaska

Men’s C

ΠFirst Place Floors Galore Juneau Alaska
 Second Place Pioneer Bar Haines Alaska
Ž Third Place Pinheads Juneau Alaska

Men’s D

ΠFirst Place JBI Juneau Alaska
 Second Place Mudstingers Juneau Alaska
Ž Third Place Bubba’s Bandits Whitehorse Yukon

Women’s B

ΠFirst Place TLC Massage Therapy Juneau Alaska
 Second Place H & R Block Rebels Whitehorse Yukon
Ž Third Place Stereo North Sitka Alaska

Women’s C

ΠFirst Place Harbour Hobos Haines Alaska
 Second Place Pepsi Whitehorse Yukon
Ž Third Place American Legion Sitka Alaska

Women’s D

ΠFirst Place Bamboo Babes Haines Alaska
 Second Place Gabriel’s Angels Juneau Alaska
Ž Third Place Faro Ladies Faro Yukon

Co-ed B

Œ First Place Len’s Painting Whitehorse Yukon
 Second Place Unitech Bulldogs Whitehorse Yukon
Ž Third Place Nuway Crashers Whitehorse Yukon

Co-ed C

ΠFirst Place Rock Bottom Inc. Juneau Alaska
 Second Place Adult Warehouse Whitehorse Yukon
Ž Third Place Technobytes Juneau Alaska

Co-ed D

ΠFirst Place Porter Creek Billiards Whitehorse Yukon
 Second Place Casa Loma Whitehorse Yukon
Ž Third Place Crown Royal Juneau Alaska


There were 67 teams registered in the 2003 Dustball International Slo-pitch Tournament.