Dustball International Tournament

July 15-18, 2004

Men’s A

Team Name


Œ    First Place Young Guns Whitehorse Yukon
    Second Place Ike’s Fuel Juneau Alaska
Ž    Third Place Stereo North Sitka Alaska

Men’s B

Œ    First Place Sitka Islanders Sitka Alaska
    Second Place Anchor Electric Juneau Alaska
Ž    Third Place Hillbilly Computers Whitehorse Yukon

Men’s C

Œ    First Place Timberwolf Juneau Alaska
    Second Place Skagway Shockers Skagway Alaska
Ž    Third Place Ernie’s Sitka Alaska

Men’s D

Œ    First Place Kal Tire Whitehorse Yukon
    Second Place Creep Hawks Whitehorse Yukon
Ž    Third Place Coates Diggers Whitehorse Yukon

Women’s B

Œ    First Place The Crew Whitehorse Yukon
    Second Place Imperial Saloon Juneau Alaska
Ž    Third Place Allen Marine Sitka Alaska

Women’s C

Œ    First Place Erine’s Sitka Alaska
    Second Place Bamboo Babes Haines Alaska
Ž    Third Place Pepsi Whitehorse Yukon

Women’s D

Œ    First Place Fogcutter Haines Alaska
    Second Place Holland America Sitka Alaska
Ž    Third Place Nuway Cougars Whitehorse Yukon

Co-ed B

Œ    First Place Nipples & Nuts Skagway Alaska
    Second Place Lens Painting Whitehorse Yukon
Ž    Third Place Whitco Whitehorse Yukon

Co-ed C

Œ    First Place Wells Fargo Juneau Alaska
    Second Place YIHA Whitehorse Yukon
Ž    Third Place Rosie PP’s Juneau Alaska

Co-ed D

Œ    First Place Unitech Bulldogs Whitehorse Yukon
    Second Place Co-operator Raiders Whitehorse Yukon
Ž    Third Place Faro Golf Course Whitehorse Yukon


There were 69 teams registered in the 2004 Dustball tournament.