Dustball International Tournament

July 13-16, 2006

At Takhini Softball Complex and Robert Service Ball Parks, in Whitehorse

Men’s A

Team Name


Œ First Place P & M Recycling Whitehorse Yukon
 Second Place Stereo North Sitka Alaska
Ž Third Place Copy Express Juneau Alaska

Men’s B

ΠFirst Place Timberwolves Juneau Alaska
 Second Place Gas N’ Go Juneau Alaska
Ž Third Place Chico’s Bail Bonds Skagway Alaska

Men’s C

ΠFirst Place Les Schwab Juneau Alaska
 Second Place Coates Services Whitehorse Yukon
Ž Third Place Sled Porn Whitehorse Yukon

Men’s D

ΠFirst Place Rounders Juneau Alaska
 Second Place Yukon Pump Whitehorse Yukon
Ž Third Place Mayo Fire Dept. Mayo Yukon

Women’s A

Œ First Place The Cellar Sitka Alaska
 Second Place AKA Girls Juneau Alaska
Ž Third Place The Crew Whitehorse Yukon

Women`s B

ΠFirst Place Pine Dental Whitehorse Yukon
 Second Place Bamboo Babes Juneau Alaska
Ž Third Place Diehards Haines Alaska

Women`s C

Œ First Place Cliff’s Enviro-Therm Whitehorse Yukon
 Second Place Parts Plus Haines Alaska
Ž Third Place Pillagettes Whitehorse Yukon

Co-ed A

Œ First Place Imperial Saloon Juneau Alaska
 Second Place Casa Loma Whitehorse Yukon
Ž Third Place Len’s Painting Whitehorse Yukon

Co-ed B

Œ First Place Juneau Valley Liquor Juneau Alaska
 Second Place Mail Boxes Etc. Whitehorse Yukon
Ž Third Place Haz Gas Juneau Alaska

Co-ed C

Œ First Place Faro Golf Course Whitehorse Yukon
 Second Place Carmacks Carmacks Yukon
Ž Third Place Coke Whitehorse Yukon


There were 71 teams registered in ten divisions for the Dustball 2006 tournament.