Who is insured?

Any Association or League registered with the provincial governing body is insured under the Liability Program offered through All Sport Insurance. The only requirement is that 100% of members within each association must participate.

Why liability insurance?

Because of your operations, or actions, you are open for possible suit from Third Parties. You may not be liable but you will need to be defended in court. A Liability policy pays for this defense as well as any costs found against you. Legal fees can be very expensive and this can be an affordable way to have them covered. This policy covers your legal liability for bodily injury to or damage to property of others such as spectators, passers-by, property owners and others resulting from your activity.

In addition, your legal liability for injury to participants is covered.

Activities Covered

Consists of sports events sanctioned or authorized by you and all related training activities authorized by you.

Who is covered?

All members collectively including Executives, Managers, Coaches, Trainers, Officials and Volunteers while acting within the scope of their duties on your behalf.


The program is designed principally for Associations at National, Provincial or Local levels; also groups of various types.

Loss Prevention Advice

Is available on nation-wide basis and in many cases video presentations and seminars are provided.

Claims Service

Is also available on a National basis from specialists who have a wide range of services at their disposal.

General Liability


Including the following extensions:

  1. Premises Property and Operations
  2. Products and Completed Operations
  3. Blanket contractual
  4. Personal Injury (libel and slander)
  5. Employees, as Additional Insureds
  6. Cross Liability
  7. Non-Owned Automobile (in most cases)
  8. Employers Liability
  9. Occurrence Basis Property Damage
  10. Medical Payments
  11. Incidental Malpractice
  12. Tenants Legal Liability $100,000

NB: Costs and coverage vary according to needs.

Sports Injury Insurance

Coverage for practices, games, team travel. One plan covers all participants, managers, coaches, executives, and field officials throughout the entire season.

For each separate accident the Plan pays:

Dental – Up to $5,000
For dental treatment resulting from injury to whole and sound natural teeth and received within 52 weeks of the accident.

Blanket Accident Reimbursement – Up to $10,000
For cost of prescription drugs, ambulance, hospital services in excess of standard ward accommodations, physiotherapy, private duty nurses (RN), crutches, splints, medical braces, trusses, incurred within 52 weeks of the accident.

Principal Sum Benefits – Up to $20,000
In the event of Loss of Use of Hands, Arms, or Legs: Quadriplegia, Paraplegia, Hemiplegia; Loss of Speech and Hearing or Dismemberment occurring within 52 weeks of the accident (benefit as scheduled).

Accidental Death – $10,000

In the event of accidental death occurring within 52 weeks of the accident:

  1. Fracture Indemnity Benefit – up to $300 paid for fracture of bone or bones (including chip and linear fractures)
  2. Rehabilitation indemnity Benefit – up to $3,000 for special occupational training required due to an accident
  3. Tuition Fees Reimbursement – up to $2,000 for tutorial services made necessary by post-accident confinements
  4. Emergency Transportation Benefit – up to $50 for transportation from arena or field to nearest hospital or doctor’s office
  5. Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses Expense – up to $100 for repair or replacement of eyeglasses or contact lenses when damage results from an accident which required the Insured Person to receive treatment by a physician or dentist

Limitations and Exclusions

No benefit shall be payable for any loss resulting directly or indirectly, wholly or partially from any of the following causes:

  1. purchase, repair, or replacement of eyeglasses, contact lenses or prescriptions thereof (except as otherwise provided)
  2. sickness or disease either as a cause or effect;
  3. any intentionally self-inflicted injury;
  4. any of the hazards of aviation except while riding as a fare paying passenger in a licensed aircraft operating on a regular scheduled service between airports;
  5. declared or undeclared war, invasion or civil war, or any act thereof;
  6. service in the armed forces of any country;
  7. any benefits that are available under any Government Health Insurance Plan, whether enrolled in such a plan or not;
  8. dental and/or other expense benefits shall be for the excess of expenses payable under any other benefit plan or policy;
  9. and insured person who is not a resident of any Canadian province that has enacted medical Care Legislation unless stated specifically in this policy

This document of insurance is subject to and shall not contravene any Federal or Provincial statutory requirements with respect to hospital or medical plans, nor shall it duplicate any benefits which are provided under any Federal or Provincial Hospital or Medical Plans, or any other policy providing a reimbursement indemnity.

  1. It is the responsibility for the Insured to get an Athletic Accident Claim Form from the Association or Club Executive
  2. The Insured or parent/guardian shall complete fully the front portion concerning the accident particulars
  3. The Insured shall submit the completed claim form to the association or club executive for their signed certification
  4. The Insured shall be responsible to forward to Allsport Insurance Marketing Ltd. the completed claim form for payment
  5. For Dental Claims the Insured shall have the attending dentist complete applicable portions
  6. For claims requiring a report from a Doctor, Chiropractor, Osteopath, etc. the Insurer will forward the necessary forms to you on receipt of the completed Athletic Accident Claim Form
  8. This form and all insured accounts which you are required to pay should be forwarded without delay to:

Allsport Insurance Marketing Ltd.
107 – 1367 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC V6H 4A9

Please select the link below to print the Athletic Accident Claim form. The claim form is a PDF file and you will require Acrobat Reader to view or print it. If you don’t have Acrobat Reader, you can download it for free from