Guns, Titans and McGivney’s Top 2016 Dustball Tournament

The P&M Recycling Guns came out on top in a 16-8 battle with Alaskan Fudge Co. for the Men’s A title at Dustball.

In the Women’s A final, it was the Yukon Titans defeating the Killer Bees, 8-6. McGivney’s Bar & Grill finished first in the Co-ed A category, downing Complete Concrete 15-6.

Here are the full results from this year’s Dustball tournament:

Men’s A
1st – P&M Recycling Guns
2nd – Alaskan Fudge Co.
3rd – Dave’s Cleaning Crew

Men’s B
1st – Brewers
2nd – Thibodeau’s Kenny’s Liquor
3rd – Urban Realty Reds

Men’s C
1st – Big Bear Donair
2nd – CRB Pop-Ups
3rd – Tetra Tech EBA Titans

Women’s A
1st – Yukon Titans
2nd – Killer Bees
3rd – Rebecca’s Roses

Women’s B
1st – Sista’s
2nd – Booster Juice
3rd – Nuway Ball Crushers

Women’s C
1st – Dave’s Cleaning Crew
2nd – Frontier Gifts
3rd – Triple J’s Cougars

Co-ed A
1st – McGivney’s Bar & Grill
2nd – Complete Concrete
3rd – Whitehorse Dental Donkeys

Co-ed B
1st – Thibodeau’s Valley Liquor
2nd – Vic City Mercenaries
3rd – Wounded Deere

Co-ed C
1st – Aklak Air Falcons
2nd – Carmacks Recreation
3rd – Philmar RV

Co-ed D
1st – Jim Shockey Predators
2nd – KDFN
3rd – HUB International