MEMO – All Teams Participating in 2017 Dustball Tournament


TO: All teams participating in Dustball 2017

FROM: Softball Yukon

SUBJECT: No games or practices on Pepsi Diamond #3 on Friday, June 16 until 3:45 PM.

We had a request from the Principal of Takhini Elementary School to avoid using Pepsi Diamond #3 while school is in session on Friday, June 16, 2017.

Therefore, there are no games scheduled and there will be NO TEAM PRACTICES on Pepsi Diamond #3 during that time. Please avoid using the parking lot or school field.

It is critical that Dustball 2017 does not interfere with the Takhini Elementary school day or activities.

Failure by any team, or part of a team, to follow this request will result in the immediate removal of your team from the Dustball 2017 tournament.

If a team is removed for not following this request, there will be no appeal.

Thank you for your cooperation.