Hall of Fame: Chuck Rear

Chuck Rear especially loved the game of softball, and he was inducted into the Softball Yukon Hall of Fame in 1987 for his contribution to the sport.

Chuck was pitching during one fairly important ball game at the Whitehorse ball diamond. A guy called Morgan was playing centre field. The game was very close at the time in the early innings, and a fly ball was hit out to centre field. Morgan ran under the ball, and, for some reason unbeknownst to anybody, he missed it and the ball fell between his legs. Chuck was rather upset, because he thought the ball should have been caught, but he didn’t say anything at the time. He was so upset that it must have disrupted his pitching a bit, and the team got a little further behind. So they made a change, and they put Morgan in the pitching position, and they put Chuck in centre field. Well, as luck would have it, another fly ball was hit out to centre field, nice and high, and everyone watched as the ball sailed down. And the only noise that could be heard from centre field was Chuck Rear when he said, “Hey, Morgan, should I catch it?”

-Information adapted from the Yukon Legislature’s tribute to Chuck Rear on December 2, 1999.